Dog Dental Treas: A Guide

CaptureedcfgvbhTaking care of dogs is fun, but you have to know how to take care of them especially their teeth. It is the responsibility of any dog owner to take care of the dog’s teeth. This is a very crucial task that should not be neglected. Dogs also get plaques in their teeth just like humans do. The dog’s teeth are part of their health. As the dog owner, it is vital to know how to care for their teeth. Visit now

The type of food your dog eats will affect not only their bodies but also their dental health. When it comes to dog dental care, you need to feed the dog with hard and crunchy food like raw bones. Raw bones, especially from large ones from a cow, are suitable for cleaning off the dog’s teeth. You should always supervise the dog when they are chewing the bones so avoid small pieces that might break and get stuck in their mouth or swallowed whole. If you do not feed them with raw bones, there are other many feeds to give the dog for good health of their teeth and help in getting rid of the plaques. Give the dog raw vegetables or a fresh apple and other food like that. Soft food is not bad, but you should make sure that your dog eats hard or crunchy food at least once a day. You should avoid giving the dog snacks especially those containing sugars and fats. Opt for food like carrot slices, pumpkin, and squash that will not stick to your dog’s teeth. View¬†dog dental treats

Another critical aspect is brushing the teeth of the dog. You should brush the dog’s teeth at least twice a week. Brushing will help in preventing the buildup of food and bacteria which can result in plaque formation, gum irritation, and infections. You can use salt on the toothbrush or use a specialized dog toothpaste if you like. Create a routine of cleaning your dog’s teeth regularly. It might be difficult but with time the dog will adjust and will let you clean the whole mouth within few minutes. If you don’t want to brush the dog’s teeth on a daily, give the dog “dental chews” instead. “Dental chews” and hard treats will help the dog keep healthy as much as brushing does.
You can always know your dog has dental problems. The first sign is a terrible odor from the mouth. Check the teeth and gums of the dog if you don’t like the smell of their breath. Healthy teeth are clean and white with pink gums. If there is a brown build up and the gums are white or red, it is time to call your veterinarian. View¬†